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    From the Director's Desk
    "A small step of a man, a giant leap for mankind". We all tend the ambition to do and achieve something big and great and in this drive to do bigger things. We ignore the smaller things. We forget that not only little things but also little steps make a stair case which lead you to the roof. Little flowers come together to make a beautiful garland or a bouquet. As the poet says : -

    "Little drops of water little grains of sand makes a mighty ocean And the pleasant land little deed of kindness little words of love makes our world on eden As the heaven above"

    Similarly your little efforts only lead you towards greatness and grandeur. You can climb a rock only if you put your little steps forwards one after the other with full confidence and a firm footing will, So why should we hesitate in doing small things. As Dr. Johnson remarked - "True greatness lies in being great in little things."



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